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Lovas élmények idén is! 

Megújult apartmanokkal és a továbbra is minőségi lovas szolgáltatásokkal várunk titeket.


Várunk Titeket!

Megújult apartmanokkal, minőségi lovas szolgáltatásokkal várunk titeket, nagy családi nyaralásra, lovas kirándulásra, sportolni, pihenni . Fedezzétek fel a Major természeti kincseit és gyűjtsetek kedves emlékeket nálunk. 

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If you are actively relaxing, hiking or having a good time ...

All the hallmarks of rural tourism can be seen during the days spent in Major, yet it is a personal and unique experience.

If you want peace and enough of the city noise ...

100% nature on 6 hectares. No construction, no car, no noise, no stress. Only nature is there for you and peace of mind. 


If you want to play sports ...

"Love and caring for horses is a way of life. It can't be told, it has to be felt and it has to become a way of life . 

"The horse understands the question, at least in its emotional charge, it understands it very well, and if it could speak, it would answer it, but it was doomed to silence until death. It should not say anything, it could only communicate with its body, only with its existence."


- János Székely -

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