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Our riding school,
our horses ...

The principle of our riding school is the way of keeping the horse according to its nature. Dormant

our boxes are only for the night rest of the horses in the winter

period. By the way, the individually placed, about 1000 (!)

sqm wooded paddock for a horse habitat self-dietetic feed

compilation and natural litter ...

The feed of Gidrán Major is famous far and wide. Over the years, we have been compiling the feed needs of our horses from the diverse pastures of the Hungarian territories, with the advice of which we are happy to serve the horse keepers of the Central Hungarian territories.

The use of our horses is based on the universal use of Hungarian horse breeding. Foals learn to be a man by leading and then driving. They are later "put on their backs" in service, on our part following the 6,000-year-old doctrine laid down by Xenophon in his work on the art of riding and the duty of a horse leader, the Hippie Peri. He described the basic ideas of the art of riding that are still valid today. Xenophon taught training based on understanding the horse. It was used as a textbook, just as we who learned to ride   also taught us how to form a camaraderie relationship between a rider and a horse.

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About the horses ...

The Gidrán Major voted for the Hungarian traditional varieties. The naming Gidrán horse is also considered to be such a native Hungarian horse.

In Major you can see not only these breeds live, but also all Hungarian breeds in a demonstration area - Gidrán, Hungarian cold-blooded horse, Hucul, Kisbér half-breed, Furioso, etc. - its history can also be read. Of course, guests also have the opportunity to make friends with a horse up close, through various equestrian services, such as carriage rides, horseback riding, class riding or even hiking.

The bungalows: There are three bungalows in Major with a total capacity of 12 people in double rooms. The bungalows also have a separate toilet block and a mini kitchen. In terms of equipment, we offer our guests bed linen, towels and free tea and coffee according to the full glamping class. All utensils - cutlery, kitchen utensils, spices - are available at no extra charge ...

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