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Gidrán Major is a family farm operating in the framework of rural tourism and also providing accommodation services. Our forest bungalows offer a peaceful, quiet rest in nature after the hustle and bustle of Budapest and other cities. For our guests. Our kept and paid horses are located in the immediate vicinity of our Forest Bungalows, which come from almost all the well-known Hungarian breeds - Gidrán, Kisbéri, Magyar cold-blooded ...
There is also a leisure park in Major, where hiking, carriage rides, quad biking and forest laser fighting can be a forge for family or company. 

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The horses...

...Yes. The horses...

We can't talk about them briefly. You can find information about them in our separate menu item. But we also reveal that we have the opportunity for horseback riding, horse-drawn carriage rides and running dry.

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The bungalows ...

Our three bungalows are waiting for our dear guests, if you want to spend one or more nights with us. Each of our bungalows is comfortable, simple and well equipped, perfect for a light long weekend.

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The hotel boasts ...

If we hike, take care of the horses and are pleasantly tired, a well-deserved rest can come. We can light the oven, cook and grill whatever you want. All this in a calm, quiet natural environment, away from the noise of the world ...

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The programs ...

Our ongoing programs provide excellent recreation for our guests. We will announce each of our programs on our Facebook page as an event (follow our Facebook page), but if you just have a smooth tour with us, there is no obstacle.

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