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Horse Grazing
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Quality feed

Many (sport) horses are fed feed based on conventional knowledge and ingredients. Due to inadequate feeding, many horses develop health problems and are therefore unable to perform optimally.
With new, scientifically proven ingredients, HorSeMolen aims to develop a new horse feed that improves horse health and performance.

The mission of HorSeMolen is to develop and manufacture quality horse feed and nutritional supplements in order to realize our vision.

We've teamed up!

We brought quality straight to the center of the country!

From now on, HorSeMolen's high-quality and nutritionally rich feeds are also available in Gidrán Major. And you don't have to pay a HUF more for them than if you ordered from the manufacturer!

Our stock is available and constantly updated.

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Why HorSeMolen?

Every horse deserves the utmost consideration for its condition and proper care.

Horses that are expected to perform the most and are in intensive work require the best care.


A horse that is fit and comfortable performs best. HorSeMolen's promise is that we can improve the performance of every horse with the right products and accessories.

The founder of HorSeMolen, Ralf van Orsouw, has more than 20 years of experience as a nutritionist. He combined his knowledge of human nutrition and animal feeding with his special field of expertise: the horse's digestive system. He knows how and in which tract the horse takes in nutrients and uses them under normal and heavy load, so he can perfectly combine the right feed and nutritional supplements that help the horse maintain optimal condition and deliver performance._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Every discipline, every level and every horse has different nutritional needs. The basic condition of the horse is an essential starting point for the development of correct feeding.

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For details, please call:
+36 20 971 0258

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